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Spa & massage offers an extensive menu of over 60 body and beauty treatments, integrating the traditional Indian systems of Ayurveda with the more contemporary Western spa approach. The spa experience strives to achieve the ultimate harmony between the physical and the mental realms of the individual.
With unique focus on the traditional Indian sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda; Female to Male Massage, Full Body Massage in Jaipur creates the skillful synthesis between age-old therapies and modern spa technology. The personalized therapy and activities programme are designed to meet individual needs and health goals – de-stress, detoxification and cleansing, deep relaxation, anti-ageing, weight & inch loss, while also offering guidance in the areas of nutrition and exercise.
20 treatment rooms with specialized areas for Ayurveda, Oriental and European systems of holistic health, a team of qualified nutritionists, Western & Ayurvedic physicians, spa therapists with knowledge of ancient Indian sciences and modern western treatments – all gently guide you towards a better lifestyle.

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Female to Male Body Massage in C Scheme Jaipur

Our Services

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the manipulation of the superficial layers of the muscles against the bone; it relaxes the body,...

Female to Male Body Massage in Vaishali Nagr Jaipur, Full Body Massage in Jaipur, Full Body Massage in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur
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Aroma Therapy

A holistic experience based on the application of carefully blended essential oils in a nourishing vegetable...

Full Body Massage in Jaipur
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Ayurvedic Therapy

Ayurvedic medicine - also known as Ayurveda - is one of the world's oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems...

Full Body Massage in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur
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Balinese Therapy

Balinese Massage Therapy is an alternative technique which involves locating pressure points along...

Body Massage in Jaipur
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Deep Tissue Therapy

An experience recommended for those really tense, knotted and painful areas. Using a variety...

Body Massage in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur
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Thai Massage

Thai Massage, also known as passive yoga, combines gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions with...

Body Massage in C Scheme Jaipur
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Head Massage

This ancient experience relaxes tones and eases muscle tension in the neck, head scalp and...

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Head & Shoulder Massage

Do you want to feel light, relaxed and energized again? Muscle tension, aches and pains can often...

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A manicure is a beauty treatment which uses special tools, creams, waxes and / or massage techniques...

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Some of the most common types are as follows (names and products may vary from spa to spa)...

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Face Cleansing Facial

Face cleansing facials use a variety of treatments to clean your face more thoroughly than what...

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Herbal Facial

This all-natural herbal facial is 50-minutes of pure bliss! It not only includes all the steps of the mini-facial...

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We are Use only Herbal Products

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What Our Clients Say

  • - Rohit

    We have been coming to visit for a number of years now and we feel each time gets better than the last. Be it a stay-over or just a day chilling out, we love every moment and you can rest assured we will be back in the near future. From the minute we arrive, throughout the day, if we have treatments, whatever we do it is perfection. Thank You!

  • - Rukmani

    The spa day was so relaxing and we both enjoyed our treatments of a facial and back massage, all the staff are so friendly and welcoming we really love it at Moddershall Oaks. Thank you for best services.

  • - Sohan

    I have had two chemical peels at Spa Vitoria and the highly trained staff explain exactly what you can expect during and after the procedure. It’s always a bit frightening initially to have anything done to your face but the aestheticians are competent, friendly and put you at ease.

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Female to Male Massage

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Address : Dhurava Spa, Shop No. 158, New Atish Market, Mansarovar, Jaipur

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